Mongolian (Asian) warrior armor: 11 – 17 century

Khatangu-degel armour is the Asian version of the plate armor – brigandine. Armour was very popular among the tatar-mongolian and russian warriors in the XIII-XIV centuries. Depending on the outer fabric and decoration, it could be a kind of officers’ dress armour.

We recommend you to wear Khatangu degel over the gambeson. Tatar-mongolian helmet will be a good addition to this armour.

And in this article you can read full history of this armour!

Brigandine of Spanish knight – 14th century

Brigandine was the most popular type of body armour before the all-metal armor appeared. This model of medieval brigandine was typical for the Spanish knights and soldiers of XIV-XV centuries.

This brigandine is compliant to SCA-standards and perfect for medieval fencing.

We recommend you to use this brigandine with padded armor, vambraces and greaves for the forced protection.

This model of brigandine is based on the scientific publication “The riders of the war. European Cavalry ” by Aleksinsky, Zhukov, Butyagin, Korovkin, 2005.